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Have you tried the new Oxy Brillo range.... why not? Just contact Bella or Giselle for your free brochure or visit our new online website! I believe we still have some woks in stock, but they're all cast iron, the mild steel ones have gone... sorry! Also, would you mind not ordering next day delivery as Giselle gets a bit mad about this. I think it's because the pots 'n pans scratch her painted finger nails and Tony doesn't like it. If you want to set up an account and need a visit, then I can send one of my RSM's in to see you. It won't be me as I'm doing International stuff in the first half of this year. If you'd prefer to have a one on one with me, get in touch with Jim and he'll put you in the diary for a few months time.

Now one of my girl friends, a really good Belinker called Jess Lenihan, has contracted a vicious form of Cancer which I'm raising money for to help get her some advanced treatment. Can you contribute here?

Help Jess a Belinker

Please don't break the bank, we can all make a small difference, so one unit of your currency is enough. Thanks!

Lots of things are happening and the media types are working really hard to bring you more new content. Their book with lots of new Rocky stuff called, My Dad Wrote a Porno, has been published in Europe and it's allready a best seller... thanks to you guys!! Also it's coming out in the USA this autumn with Simon and Schuster.
You can buy the book here.

Waterstones Bookshops

Foyles Bookstores

If you can't get to the stores, they'll post a copy to you! worldwide!!!

These are the ebook links to Kindle.

The podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Series 3 started on Monday 29th May and Rocky has also published Belinda Blinked 3. They 'drop' new episodes every Monday and Thursday... if I dropped anything I'd be told off... by Tony....
There are also lots of live shows happening in Australia, Sydney Opera House... woo hooo... and New Zealand in August, never mind the Edinburgh Fringe SOLD OUT, Montreal Comedy Festival, Dublin, Manchester, Latitude Festival and London's Festival Hall! SOLD OUT
If you don't know they call it 'Rocky's Lost Chapter'... I personally think he's lost it all if you ask me... But it's actually great fun as I get to take the RSM's away on a team building / bonding exercise for a few days to a very posh hotel in Cornwall. Great views and sea air never mind all that Cornish crab meat...... yum yum... oh yes, I also have an "expert" trainer who helps me out... so to speak...

The world is in love with me...

But I'm a realist and I know it's just a flash in the pan, a Steele's pan... here's a cheeky review of Belinda Blinked 1 in the Erotic Review Magazine; Hmmm, I can see your lips salivating in anticipation. Here's the link.

It's so good you don't even have to read the book!

OK, why not join my sort of exclusive members only website... well I share it with Rocky, so it's not exclusive... he's certainly not exclusive... I might be... on a good day...

just subscribe to this free mailing list. Thanks Belinda xxx.

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Click here for My Dad Wrote A Porno and Belinda Blinked Merchandise

Want to see some gorgeous merchandise? T shirts, mugs, cards, phone cases, tote bags, pots 'n pans... sorry that's Gselles's baby;

Everything, yes everything, ships worldwide... don't tell Giselle!

Here's the link where you'll also find live show dates, podcast episodes... everything except me!

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Have you found Rocky's website yet? Have a look, he can be found at